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Formerly known as “Xianghe Delicious Fish

  • Delicious Fish
    Delicious Fish is the first choice for old foodies in Chengdu. The newly established classic flavors are maintained, and the cooking style and products are upgraded continuously, but we still persist in the principle of killing, baking and cooking according to order. We culture fish with flowing water, and cook fresh fish, so as to maintain the delicious and original flavor of fish. This is the belief of every employee in Delicious Fish.
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  • Hongshunji Xiliupa
    Hongshunji Xiliupa has carried forward fine workmanship for 20 years. “Xiliupa
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  • Zhaiqingnian Barbecue
    Zhaiqingnian Barbecue creates the delicate baked meat of “Chuan Branch
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Delicious Fish(万象城店)
Delicious Fish(西安路店)
Delicious Fish(九眼桥店)
Delicious Fish(优品道店)
Delicious Fish(天府长城
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We have always persisted in the idea of quality first. If you also hope to provide the best and most healthy food for customers like us, please join us! We are sincerely inviting various high-quality raw material suppliers and channel distributors for cooperation!

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  • Delicious Fish

  • Roast meat for young people

  • Hung Shun Ji's dilute rake

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